Dear All:

As many of you know, after nearly a lifetime residing in the Garden State, our family has recently relocated to New Mexico by the Sandia Mountains (The Land of Enchantment). While we still plan to return to New Jersey at various times throughout each year, and will still be involved in various projects here, our primary residence will be in New Mexico, where I will continue to focus on various endeavors including online family mediation services, with a significant focus on addressing resolving issues between parents of children with special needs under a newly formed practice, Lawrence R. Jones NM LLC. A new website is under construction and will be launched shortly as well. It has truly been a wonderful half-century in New Jersey, and we thank all past clients, parties, attorneys, judges, legal educators, and friends/family for all of your support. My contact information is below.

Best Regards,

Lawrence R. Jones
Lawrence R. Jones NM LLC